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HelloWe have a client who needs a new switch which is capable of intervlan routing and also a WLC.I am thinking a 48 port 3850 with IP Base which gives intervlan routing and WLC support.However I am not sure if we need to purchase additional AP licen...

Hello, We had to manually reboot our backup WLC. The system was urresponsive and our syslog catched this:Message: *NBAR2_Task: Oct 30 06:39:55.118: #BROFFU-0-DP_CORE_DID_NOT_CRASH: broffu_fp_dapi_cmd.c:5082 Fastpath DP0 core 08 did not crash. No Cras...

campa1979 by Level 1
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I have 2 1310 wireless briges in a point to point configuration with the root bridge acting as my ACS server.. I am currently running Leap Authentication and with Wep encryption but would like to upgrade this to use Peap and AES if possible??I'm wond...

jalexan by Level 1
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Hello       I have a Cisco AIR-BR1310G-A-K9-R  which is cuurently running Cisco IOS C1310-K9W7-M Version 12.3 (8) JEA.  I have trying to figure out idf there is anewer version of the IOS for this model and if so what improvements does it have over my...

dshuck007 by Level 1
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I have two 8510 wireless controllers running in SSO mode and I would like to upgrade from 7.4 code to 7.5 to take advantage of the AC modules that I have in our 3600 access points.  What is the prescribed method of doing so on the 8510's?

                   I have 5508 wireless lan controller and 3502 AP. I did all configuration on WLC using the configuration guide. But AP don't join the WLC. AP can assign an IP address and i can ping this IP from WLC. When i connect the AP from conso...

Hi everyone,I am having some trouble trying to figure out how to configure my 1242 to run SSIDs for Vlans.I have the AP plugged into a Switchport that is configured for trunking.Here is how it is setup.VLAN 1 untagged nativeVLAN 10 Tagged <--- Wirele...

here is the new issue and question.tftp, ftp, scp server ping to 1552e ap and 1552e ping to server. when i try telnet to 21 over 1552e i m getting timeout. i m connecting to any other pc, laptop etc. to 21 port. please help me what s happening going ...

servisturk by Level 1
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