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Why is WPA2 not an option on my devices currently?  They are running firmware 2.0.2 (I know 2.0.4 is out - but I thought the 541N was WPA2 capable out of the box when they shipped).  I see the normal WEP, WPA-Personal and WPA-Enterprise, but not WPA2...

Resolved! Power level on WLC

Hi experts,I'm trying to support the wireless radio devices better. They recommend set the Tx power level to 3 instead of dynamic selection. I just want to understand what those power levels are... Is it industry standard or is it Cisco's standard? I...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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We had a WLC 4402 with 25 Licenses. We have about 28 APsThere was another 4402 with 12 Licenses. I put it in the same mobility group and in the same VLAN as the previous WLC and turned it on. Strangely, all the APs de-registered from the original WLC...

Hallo, I cannot run (fresh installed) NCS on ESXi. Testhost has 8GB phys. RAM. Whats going wrong? regards HeikoNCS-VA- ncs statusHealth Monitor is stopped.Reporting Server is StoppedFtp Server is StoppedDatabase server is...

hlehmann by Beginner
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Hi all,Can someone help me?I've a problem. Is it problem with iPads or LAP1141n?WLC 4404 and many 1142 and 1141, so other devices laptops, iphones, androind phone works as well.But iPad authorized, but can't get an ip address from dhcp server (dhcp n...

We currently have a Guest wireless setup at my company, instead of using a anchor controller we have dual contorllers with each having one interface connecting out into our dmz and then going out.  it's a pure L2 connection and exits out to the inter...

naburleson by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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Hi,Interference is suspected in a part of our site. We have clean air enabled on wlc, do we need to enable it on WCS also?Other tools like inssider are supposed to be used for tracing the interference. How do we decide from the outputs that there is ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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What would an architecture for providing WiFi in subways look like?  I am specifically interested in reading about architectural options for the in-subway-train options (as opposed to in-the-station options).  Thanks!

I have a deployment of about 50 APs in a building. In this scenario we are only trying to provide wireless coverage in conference rooms and public areas, I am not trying to cover the entire building.  I expect to have a large number of coverage holes...

dkleimbach by Beginner
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Resolved! Username/Password

Dears Expertsi have a request from my management , to enable the user name /password credential for any user who want to access to the WIFI , i configured the WPA and its working , but it need to do some changes at the user side and this disturbing ....

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