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Hello,i have a spa400 connected to 4 FXO on a PABX. The ethernet connection is connected to a asterisk (XIVO system).I have followed localization configuration for french but caller-id always appears as anonymous !I have tested beat firmware (

gguerin94 by Beginner
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Hi thereI just set up a WGB with the following configuration:dot11 ssid Demo   vlan 900   authentication open eap eap_methods   authentication network-eap eap_methods   authentication key-management wpa   dot1x credentials EAP-TLS   dot1x eap profile...

Hello.I'm using PEAP with Cisco Secure ACS and AD. GPO enables clients to validate server certificate.How can I deny access to users who have not "Validate server certficate" checked?Thanks.Regards.Andrea

In a WLC 5508 that is configure to authenticate users against Cisco ACS (configure to use Windows Data Base -> Active Directory) we would like to know if there is a way to change the password via a wireless client when the password expires or when it...

Hi,Hope someone can help me, I have a Cisco 5508 WLC and wanted to back up the IOS.Is there any easy way of doing this ? or have Cisco restrict this function with the new IOS licensing model?Second question, with WLC 5508 IOS version 7.0.98 I see the...

ron_fourie by Beginner
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Hi All,I have WCS and MSE3310 with CAS and wIPS licensing. The WCS is configured to see the MSE, NMSP status is active, CAS and wIPS are up and enabled.Tracking parameters on the CAS have been configured.CAS Notifications have been created ...

dancarrick by Beginner
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Wap200 router. In both safari and firefox, on the mac and pc, I get "connection has timed out" screen when entering  Any other way to logon to linksys router? I am hoping to increase or make changes to the signal. As it is now, the pc, ju...

dannyh737 by Beginner
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hi,today i installed one Cisco 5508 Controller with 1262 APs only with 5GHz antennas. all radios are came up excpet 5ghz band, i tried all my level of best to get it UP. can anybody tell me if there is anything we need to really inspect to enable 5 G...

cmanvar700 by Beginner
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