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I have been using vWLC in my lab for years and the controller I had up and running was 8.5.161 with no issue in Flexconnect mode. The AP I've been using is 1702I-E-K9, which has been working flawlessly.One day I decided to deploy newer version of vWL...

G3000LEE by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I want to configure a Cisco Access Point AIR-AP4800_E-K9. I added it to the controller with an IP address. (Also a AP4800_E-K9).The access point is not accessible via the web interface. The access point is accessible via ping on the LAN. ...

Hello! I have configured mac filtering on one of  WLANS on WLC. Everything was ok. But today I noticed that the mac filtering doesn't work. Devices can join to network by a password.Their mac addresses aren't on local access list. Please help me to f...

Hola,Necesito pasar un Cisco AP 9115AXI de CAPWAP a autonomo, tengo entendido que debo cambiarle la imagen y colocarle una imagen de tipo k9w7 pero no encuentro una imagen de este tipo en la zona de descargas. Alguien me puede decir si este modelo pe...

I have a 3702i that I have joined to my 5508 WLC and primed.  When I move the AP to the branch location via VPN tunnel the AP won't connect/join to the WLC.  I have both DNS set for cisco-capwap-controller, and option 43 set on the DHCP scope.  The A...

Hi, I ask the community for the first time. I couldn't find a simmilar to this. we use AIR-AP-1832I-K-K9, but one iPhone doesn't connect This iPhone's mac address is DC:52:85:12:8B:F5, and 1832's firmware version is 8.6.161 I don't know if it's a bug...

nhkim by Level 1
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Hi, I have a wireless network with 30 AP's with Mobility Express. Mixing AP's 1830, 1850, 3800, 9115 and 9120Cisco just announced the EoL of AP 1830 and 1850, with and End of maintenance of May 1, 2023 (just here!!!).The mobility express controller i...

jmprats by Level 4
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Have 2802 and 2702 at the same floor (only one floor). Should the roaming work or there are buggs somewhere?The 2802 AP sends many logs as this one:*** RSN ERROR: Received a data frame when no keys are plumbedSomeone here: https://community.cisco.com...

Moudar by VIP
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Hello I have : cisco C1117-4PWE (1RU) processor with 1452736K/6147K bytes of memory.Processor board ID FGL2429L79K1 Ethernet interface1 Virtual Ethernet interface6 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces1 ATM interface4294966432 terminal lines32768K bytes of non...

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