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I have a 5505 and a 5510. They have an IPsec L2L tunnel between them. I can transfer a 1 Gig file with ftp no issues. I start the same file transfer with explorer using the unc \\\c or Explorer and it fails after a random period of time. A...

Hi,I have a client that what to put surveillance cameras in railroad carriages (I think that's what is cold, in English).He what's to put two cameras per carriage.And, above wall, he what's to connect each camera directly, by wired, to one Access Poi...

rcapao by Beginner
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Is there a way to gracefully power down a Wireless LAN Controller or do you just turn it off? I can't find anything in the manuals.Thanks

pblume by Beginner
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Are there any performance benefits to enabling HREAP (local switching) when there is a local controller present? I am aware of the benefits of users staying authenticated when the remote RADIUS server is unavailable.I assume that when doing so, the A...

When implementing NAC VPN SSO using WLC's we notice that the Windows roaming profile will not load, when accessing over the corporate wireless, I am 100% sure this is not a NAC issue as we have a wireless SSID that does not participate in NAC and we ...

What are the best AP's to use in a concert hall type venue with a large nunmber of client users and how do I make it so that they are spread across the AP's and not just filling certain ones up?

I am trying to login and configure my new 1130AG AP, but I can't login using the web browser. We have about 6 or 7 of these already in place and I can login to them without problems using the IP address and web browser. I plug the new one in and it...

jmacavali by Beginner
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I have some 1130ag lwapp's that cannot reach the controller for some reason. They are located in a remote building connected via a ds3 circuit. The AP is getting a dhcp address via a scope built on a 3560 switch, here is the scope.ip dhcp pool APSc...

srosenthal by Enthusiast
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I'm relatively new to the Cisco scene and are now trying to set up the UC520, WLC526 and two LAP521. I got the UC and WLC to play nicely but the AP's doesn't recieve config from the wlc. They show up in CCA as connected to the UC but doesn't recieve ...

Hi,I would just like my suspicions confirmed. We are using 1131 LWAPP APs, with a 4402 controller. In this particular install, there are around 20-30 laptops within very close proximity to each other, this will obviously create cross-channel interf...

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