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We have business centers inside hotels. Recently, we went to wireless T1 access using Cisco airnet 350 wireless access point. Our networked HP Colorlaserjet 4500n printers are now not working properly or consistently. Sometimes it takes 5 mintues ...

abcbiz by Beginner
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I need to evaluate a couple of Mobile/IP solutions that will support Aironet 350 clients, both laptop and Compq iPAQ Pocket PC 2002. I am only interested in IP V4 solutions. Can anyone recommend suitable vendors and does anyone have experience in thi...

kstokes by Beginner
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Does anyone know of a centralized management suite for Cisco A.P.'s. A suite that is responsible for controlling and administering firmware, configuration, and accounting for these devices. Maybe an addon for Cisco Works 2K. I know that the account...

jkennedy by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hi all,We have 1 workgroup bridge which is not comunicating with any of other 2 Wireless bridges.Wireless bridges cominicate with each other and also with other vendor devices.ESSID is same of both.It shows no wireless activity at all.I upgraded firm...

imran by Beginner
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Just wondering by purchasing the Cisco AIR-ANT2506 Omni-Directional Mast Mount antenna does this send and receive?Basically I want to hook up the antenna to my wireless router and put the Antenna outside my house to extend the range and so I can acce...

reptile4 by Beginner
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Hi--i'm trying to use the latest security enhancements to our 340 image (Enhanced MIC verification for WEP, and the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol). But everytime i turn on those new features, the clients associate fine, but IP appears dead (no rou...

ken.ng by Beginner
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Is it possible to pass DLSW/SNA traffic through PIX.If so can u please tell me how to configure it or is there any information in cisco site.Thanks.

rnarayana by Contributor
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If anyone could help it would great, i have a 350 ap set up as a repeater to another ap. at times i get this error message "Network bridge loop: received packet from self destined to {workgroupbridge1} on port rptr1"What does this mean and how can i ...

I currently have a 350 ap 11.10 firmware with 2 workgroup bridge clients running 8.65 firmware. The ap is running LEAP with cisco secure acs 2.6. when i enable dynamic wep, my clients show in the association page that wep is enabled, but i lose all c...

I'm looking for a portable battery pack to use with ap350 and br350 when doing a site survey. any recommendations, manufacturers, etc.?

wams01 by Beginner
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