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Hi Guys,So I have this one requirement where I have to convert the current LWAPP AP to autonomous and then convert it back to LWAPP. I found the way how to it on this page https://mrncciew.com/2012/10/20/lightweight-to-autonomous-conversion/. The pag...

Hello,we have a WLC module on the router and it's using a sub interface for the wireless subnet, as in the following: interface Integrated-Service-Engine1/0.900  encapsulation dot1Q 900 ip address ip helper-address x.x.x.x  ...

axfalk by Level 1
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Hello All! i need help with this bridge that can't associate. Can any help us!!ThanksBest regards! ########################Logs when we restart the AP *Mar 1 00:00:12.175: %SOAP_FIPS-2-SELF_TEST_IOS_SUCCESS: IOS crypto FIPS self test passed (15)*Mar ...

Hi All, I want to setup a wireless private network with Cisco AP/Router, which supports wireless multicast (true) mode. I need the speed/bandwidth for wireless multicast over 30 MBps or higher. Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks,

Hi, I'm looking for help in finding a best practice documentation that goes over the performance profile and what the proper settings should be set at for our environment.  Could anyone help?

HI, In the past with 8.2 code I was running into CSCve24687 (https://quickview.cloudapps.cisco.com/quickview/bug/CSCve24687). In our case this meant a lot of AP's on channel 36 power level 1 (I'm focusing on 5Ghz for now). In the meanwhile we are run...

aflbakker by Level 1
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Hi,We have recently had a site survey completed and the recommendation is to install Meraki MR74 AP's. The survey results advise us to set them up in Smart RF mode - i am unable to find any settings / documentation on how to implement this - can anyo...

FBA2804 by Level 1
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Hello Can anybody tell me if it is possible to modify the height of a building map in Prime 3.4?We have a situation where we need to adjust the height of an imported building from of 3m to 5.5m. I don't appear to be able to re-adjust this height with...

mgriffit by Level 1
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Hi All,Need help for configuring 9800-40 standalone WLC. We have done bootup config for WLC. Also able to access through http. We defined dayzero config through GUI. Once we finish it , we got message configuration successfully applied then login pag...

Dear AllPlease see my description and provide a solutionAssume that i have three sites (Site A, Site B, Site C) and i have multiple end users at Site C Site C receiving Bandwidth from Site B and Site A Via Radio LinkHow can we configure a switch as S...

I tried to configure a new AirCap 1702I-D-K9.  It has an IP address from the local dhcp server. But I could not login via putty ssh or windows telnet. the error for ssh is access denied  I entered username / password as Cisco / Cisco also I did telne...

sreejith by Level 1
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 Hello Experts, I wanted to get your opinion based on your experience deploying wireless networks in large distribution Centers.Our client warehouses are very large in size and many of them include rack tunnels or mezzanines between rack shelves.Whil...

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