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Firepower 1010 cannot RDP

Hello All,I have setup VPN according to these instructions:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0001682I have the default rule (Inside Zone Any Any to Outside Zone Any Any = Trust)I have a just in case rule (Inside Zone Any Any to Inside Zone Any A...

jjevans1 by Beginner
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FPR1000 The true ASA 5505 Replacement

Cisco has FINALLY heard us!  The purveyors and Champions of the Small to medium business markets, and produced the first match to the Cisco ASA5505.  First they gave us the 5506 and we were all upset about the fact that the ports were NOT switched. W...

robinson by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies
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CBS250-48PP-4G too loud

Got a brand new CBS250-48PP-4G and something seems to be wrong, because the switch is too loud. Datasheet says ~ 37 dBA, my own measurement says > 50 dBA while nothing is attached, all ports are unused. Did I get a damaged device or do I miss anythin...

ND336 by Beginner
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Network LAN Traffic Cisco switches

My concern is that if we have more than one path in a network in which almost every switch is connected to the other switch so is there any method to decide whether LAN traffic should go from a specific path even if another path is connected and avai...

Catalyst 2960 switch

Hi , I want to access the switch in  the GUI mode is it possible if yes, please share with me the commands list.  

GRE Tunnel not working / 'Last input never, output 00:00:00'

Hello there, I've created this post because i'm having such a hard time trying to resolve this problem. I have a GRE Tunnel between two stores with a Cisco 891 in one and a Cisco 4200 in the another. The store with the 4200 have a MPLS service, and t...

Cisco ASA 5505 Migration to FTD Firepower Device Manager

Hi there, I want to migrate Cisco ASA 5505 to Cisco FTD with Firepower Device Manager (FDM). I know that you can use Cisco's Migration Tool if you are migrating to Cisco FTD with Firepower Management Center (FMC). Is there any "easy" way to migrate f...

IamSamSaul by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Using suppress-map and attribute-map together on same aggregate

All,I understand that an attribute-map can be applied to an BGP aggregate-address statement to set certain attributes such as community. However, if I also use a suppress-map on the same statement, will the attribute-map also get applied to routes wh...

j.a.m.e.s by Participant
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! can a Cisco SG350-10 function as a internet router??

hello,i have a small business office. i have three ISPs internet connections. i am currently using an tplink load balance router for the connections. i was thinking if buying a cisco L2/L3 managed switch (like sg350-10) will let me do the same functi...

Verifying a comment on SG350-10 and 10gbe networking

Not a network professional here, just a home based business owner trying to upgrade his network. And from the looks of it, I made a wrong purchase decision back in 2018. From what I understood back then, I thought the SG350-10 had the capability for ...

bdumaguina_0-1668845543421.png Capture.PNG
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