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Hi all, We are facing a slowness issue for many servers connecting to our ACI fabric, it seems that there is some packet loss.When we checked the interfaces connecting to the servers, we saw many output errors/drops We read the following article: htt...

error drop output.PNG error drop output2.PNG
suneq by Beginner
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Hi there I'm interested in testing a specific scenario which requires a FW device inserted in PBR mode between two EPGs. Let's say there are two EPGs (EPG-1 & EPG-2) and only Port 22 between both EPG is allowed and Internet bound traffic from either ...

hpkv by Beginner
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Hello all,I am trying to use grep to return multiple lines that may match different things (i.e. either/or). For example, say I have the following output on an APIC: Node201Node202Node203 I would like to have grep return lines with EITHER "201" OR "2...

vv0bbLeS by Beginner
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