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Hi,I would like to activate ERSPAN and send "major" EPG traffic to a probe. As I do not know how many bandwidth these EPG are consuming, I'm wondering if there is any risk that I can saturate the linksbetween Leaf & Spine by activating ERSPAN?Thanks ...

suneq by Level 1
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Hello, we need to have several tenants in our multipod ACI fabric. this has a scalability background. so in the end it is one big shared fabric. now the question is we are configuring different tenants if we need to have separate vlan pools and physi...

Let's say I'm on a spine switch and I lookup the location of a mac address (based on the spine's coop database).  If the spine returns the VPC IP address representing a VPC pair I was told to use 'show vpc map | egrep "x.x.x.x"' from the APIC to dete...