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Hello,    we have an ACI Multi Pod fabric running. The different TEP pools defined under the Pod Fabric Setup Policy. Also the IPN is up and running . APIC Version 3.2(2o) On the Dashboard I found faults F2543 (The fault is raised when there are DHCP...

Hello guys,   I moved my gateway to ACI BD and after a week I realized that my access switches (catalyst 2960) connected to the leafs are assuming other spanning tree roots of the network. Can it be some configuration of the ACI that is influencing? ...

josecarlos by Beginner
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Hello, My LEAF hardware consists of Nexus 9300-EX (YC, TC and LC models).  The Management port on these models have two options, RJ-45 or SFP.  Using RJ-45, the OOB port is up and reachable.  However, we are trying to use 1G SX SFP transceivers for O...

Hi,   I have 2 pods, with 1 L3out, with interfaces profiles connecting to a firewall in each pod (for external access), topology like this:   ===Cloud provider===  |              |        (bgp) fw1            fw2  |              |        (ospf, singl...

Customer purchased $1.3M of ACI and N9K gear in 2014 / 2015. Were there any ACI licenses associated to PID ACI-C9508-B1-96PX at that time?  If not, how would they determine if there were ACI licenses included in their purchase? Thanks!

npicard by Cisco Employee
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Hi board, Let's assume a multi-pod environment and you cannot register your new spine switch in a remote pod to the network due to a SW bug or the SW does not support multi pod in the current version on the remote spine switch. And no - there's no AP...