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Hello,I'd like to use Terraform to configure interfaces with the resource "aci_interface_config" and later configure a static port with "aci_bulk_epg_to_static_path".However, for "aci_bulk_epg_to_static_path" I need the interface_dn for the specific ...

Resolved! APIC 6.0 upgrade

Hello, our current ACI fabric is running 4.2(7), 14.2(7) and we want to upgrade to 6.0(2). Existing spine and leaf switches hardware are not compatible with 16.0(2). Can i upgrade the APIC only from 4.2(7) to 6.0(2) and leave the fabric switches in t...

mannycho by Level 1
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I have the 3-node physical ND appliances running v2.1(2d) with NDO v3.6(1e) for ACI multi-site. 1. Does ND and/or NDO have the capability to send email alerts/alarms? I assume no as I did not find any options regards.2. How can I generate a CSR on ND...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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