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In the ACI environment, server A cannot access the virtual IP of serve

In the ACI environment, server A can ping the real physical NIC IP of server B, but cannot access the virtual IP of server B's BOND binding port.After manually binding A's MAC on the B server, A can access it normally. How to solve this problem, than...

liu_zhimin by Rising star
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MSO -> APICs template verification authorization issues after MSO upgrade

Hello, We did upgrade on MSO from version 2.2.4 to version 3.1.1 and it seems to be successful on MSO application level. Deployment of new configuration to APIC seems to be OK, but we have issue with template verification.When I start verify on share...

goranje by Beginner
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How to check if the new external routes are learned by ACI fabric

Hi Team , How to check and confirm we re learning the newly configured external routes on ACI Fabric ? Suppose say , We have is allocated to new remote site and we would like to confirm if we are receiving these routes on ACI fabric to...