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Hello Everyone! I have an issue with ACI Fabric discovery. Fabric was wiped clean and reconfigured. After logging into the APIC GUI, I was able to register the first Leaf, but then the Spine has never showed up. I can see the spine with lldp and when...

DanDan by Level 1
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Hi expertsI'm a bit confused about forwarding tables used in ACI 1/ The Endpoint table contains EP MAC and IP /32, does this table used for L2 forwarding only, or it is     also used for L3 forwarding as well ? 2/ In Cisco doc, they says that ACI use...

AirBorn by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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Hello Guys, I've been trying to replicate Fabric RP tonight which was introduced in ver 4.x and was struggling to find out if the Fabric RP is meant to be advertised outside the ACI fabric or if I was missing a tickbox somewhere. I could not see an o...

Hi I am trying to get snmp monitoring setup so that I can monitor the controllers, leafs and spines. Getting it working for spines and leafs seems to be straightforward but not so for the controllers. I need this to work using OOB management and I h...

roysm by Level 1
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