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2-13-2002 2:20pm PST This is a beginning. I will update this as time goes along. I may make corrections or update that something is working or broken compared to what is here in this initial post. =====================================================...

jmoilanen by Level 1
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Turned up the 570W in no time flat!  I prefer that these devices have console ports, but it was very easy getting the unit to work right out of the box.    Some questions right at the get:1.  does anyone have any real world wireless ranges for the bu...

rcarlos42 by Level 1
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Resolved! DHCP Scope

I am testing putting the ISA in front of a hosted phone solution.  They require me to write into the DHCP server an Option 66 line to point to their servers.  I'm not seeign anything in the admin guide.  Any ideas?

Is there a step by step document available for setting up QoS for a phone system, softphone, or SPA phone through the ISA500?  For instance I want to setup QoS for one device behind the network to have priority over any other traffic.  Thanks!