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(Don Diep is the originator of this post)Please check out this POE issue that Dave had reported. We are  looking into this issue. Wondering if anyone else might seen same  problem?From: Dave Hornstein (dhornste) Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:28 A...

cindy toy by Rising star
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Hi TeamStill going through the manual,  but page 191 of the admin guide says "STEP 4 Click Apply. The DNS host is added, and the switch is updated."Shouldn't there be a step 5.step 5 should  be,  save the configuration or navigate to to File Manageme...

I have a post regarding getting spammed by a sopecific sender, but it seems that one of my machines may have gotten infected as well, as my ip's are getting blacklisted as sending spam. I do not see anything out of the ordinary in the outgoing mail r...

I have recently been "attacked"by a number of IP's through root eSolutions. The blocker has stopped 140k messages in the last month, and I have blacklisted everything that has come in from the network owner down to the individual IP addresses. What a...