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Hi,I'm having this problem that lineGetDevCaps returns random values in dwNeededSize (e.g. 0, ~2MB, ~4MB etc.). I'm using version "10.5".Here's what I'm doing:DWORD size = sizeof(LINEDEVCAPS);while (true){     if (_deviceCapabilities != 0)          d...

Dear fellows,I am working on UCCE Admin APIs. Actually I am stuck with  API requests and I need some help. When I send request to an API such as http://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/skillgroup?summary=true using Firefox POSTER or a Java Web Service c...

Hi,I am getting:CALL_ERROR; http://HTTP-SERVER/quickstart/   at line 13: Element <block> is not used according to DTDMy VXML Code:?xml version="1.0"?>  <vxml version="2.0">    <var name="counter" expr="0"/>    <var name="number" expr="'.'"/>    <var ...

Would like to inquire if CME is capable of limiting outbound call NDD/IDD per user basis or to define allowable time ( for ex. 30 mins only will be allotted to a user per day).Or their is any way to integrate CME with any appliance to achieve this?.T...

Resolved! TCL TIMERS

Hello,I,m using this TCL its-CISCO., and i wanna to decrease the interdigit timeout, and the timeout to transfers the call to the operator.Can somebody help me?

HiI would like to create a UDS client on an AMX control system to retrieve directory information from the Cisco UCM.AMX does not however have https. It just has TCP sockets.. no http, https, encryption etc. etc. although these can be faked by creatin...

hi ,i have CME connected with unity express,iam facing issue with dtmf payload type the provider ask me to change the payload typ to 97 instead of 101 and 100,as per below log cme receiving a=fmtp:97 0-11 and sending a=fmtp:101 0-15 ,can any one help...

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Hello.We are using CUCM with JTAPI and I'm trying use method reject from CallControlConnection, but pre-conditions are:((this.getCall()).getProvider()).getState() == Provider.IN_SERVICEthis.getCallControlState() == CallControlConnection.OFFEREDAnd I'...