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Je suis actuellement en train de configurer un lab sur packet tracer afin de configurer un MPLS <6PE> mais je ne comprend pas ce qui ne va pas dans ma configuration. R1interface Loopback0Adresse IP!interface Serial0/0descripti...

xyounes by Beginner
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Hello, In order to get MTU 2000, a subinterface which is configured with 'rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric' needs to be configured as 2018 MTU, and if configured with 'rewrite ingress tag translate 1-to-1 dot1q 555 symmetric' needs only 14 overhea...

kriskrs by Beginner
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Hello,R8 and R16 are EIGRP neighbours VRF X.R3 and R8 vpnv4 neighbours.Inside core OSPF running on all Routers.Now R8 want to send the customer routes to R3, but R3 not receiving any routes from R8, but R8 has customer routes on VRF X table. now R8 w...

feroz syed by Participant
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Hello Everyone,I am testing EVPN+MPLS on NCS5501.anyone can explain what this command " l2vpn forwarding inject local-mac add mac-address " is doing ? if I have more than a CE in the PE should I add the mentioned command per CE ?Thanks

Hello,I am enabling SR with OSPF and I am issuing sr-label-preferred command under segment-routing mpls section in asr920 (ios-XE)but when i am checking output in show mpls interfaces, its still showing (ldp) on uplink bdi4mpls ip command is there on...

rocky2022 by Beginner
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HiI have an MPLS network using Cisco routers.PE routers mostly IOS-XE2 RR IOS-XR running full table from upstream in a VRF.The RR also run my eBGP peerings to my upstreams.The Internet routing table is in a VRF.The RR send a default route to all PE's...

I'm setting up a small lab for MP-BGP and MPLS, i've had a similar configuration working before but this time i'm setting up all of he core MPLS routers, PE using a CORE VRF. I'm struggling to get a configuration in place which works using this confi...

Evlaa2021 by Beginner
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Hi all,I have an issue with multicast traffic (BUM) between ASRs (PE) and Hauwei (P). The traffic from ASRs is passing Huawei Cloud. One of our customer is runnign EIGRP protocol in their Routers (CE) and has a problem with Hello packets (Multicast)....

ds2022 by Beginner
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Quick question guys. For exam and real world use purposes. What is the more acceptable way to enable SRTE for ISIS?There are two options I have been testing and both of them seem to enable SRTE. Thanks!Option 1:router isis SPaddress-family ipv4 unica...

jpl861 by Enthusiast
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Hello,I am seeing strange behavior on XRV router. Committing the configuration fails.And when I run 'show configuration failed' then XRV says 'No such configuration item'.  What should be the solution to such issue ? Thanks,Sachin

Hi All,Hoping someone can help my understand my RR setup.We have 2 RRS with their own unique cluster-id and they do not peer with each other. These 2 RRS server the same clients. In this basic setup what is the advantage of having the unique cluster-...

jay_7301 by Beginner
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