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Dears, I would like to know If VPLS multihoming redundancy feature is avilable at Cisco or not ? have a CE connected to two different PEs for redundancy. PEs are configured in a VPLS mode. At steady state only primary PE should carry traffic ... xSTP...

Hello,I have a little question, I'm studying MPLS using GNS3. I made a network with 4 MPLS routers, each connected to 2 others MPLS routers and one external non-MPLS router.I try to hide all the internal MPLS routing using the "no mpls ip propagate-t...

helloI cam e across a situation in a test lab, that i don't quite understandi have two test 6PE edge routers advertising IPv6 prefixes across an IPv4 MPLS core. when advertising 'known' routes across the core this is fine, and there is reachability b...

Resolved! L2 over L3

Hi, I need some help to make the configuration below.We have a point to point metroethernet line from our telecom between our two different locations. Behind the ME swithes of teelcom there is a 6513 switch in one side and a 3845 router at the other ...

fsarisac by Beginner
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I have a Hub and Spoke MPLS VPN topology, meaning spoke to spoke traffic MUST pass through the hub. : I need to have 2 Hubs: HUB1 and HUB2 HUB1 will be primary for spoke-A, secondary for spoke-B HUB2 will be primary for spoke-B, secondary for spoke-A...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Hello all,The L2VPN between PE1 and PE2, both PE need use loopback1(just for L2 VPN) as peering.PE1----MPLS backbone----PE2The L2 VPN is working without problem. I expect use loopback1 to establish LDP neighbor, but LDP neigbor established between PE...

jefferyshi by Beginner
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Resolved! VPLS configuration

Hiif l want to configure these VPLS configuration on a router, what IOS would l need to practise these configuration plsRouter(config)#l2 vfi name manualRouter(config-vfi)#vpn id numberRouter(config-vfi)#neighbor x.x.x.x encapsulation mplsRouter#conf...

I wants to run  DHCP relay on my PE routers to issue IP to the CPEs. Is it recommended to run DHCP relay on PE?

neethan16 by Beginner
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Hi, I am trying to test all mode of MPLS QoS tunnle mode like uniform,etc.My diagram is as below:CE01 --access--> ME4900 --trunk--> PE01 --ldp--> P01 --ldp--> P02 --ldp--> PE02 --access--> CE02All traffic from CE01 are marked with DSCP AF31 an send t...

ty.chan007 by Beginner
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Good morning everyone.... I was wondering if someone could help me out with this?I have setup a dev lab setup to test some stuff out before I go forward and move to production but I have hit a brick wall...Here is a general setup Diagram.            ...