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Hello,I have been trying to find an OID in the nexus MIB that will pull cpu data for monitoring.  I've used oid . for other cisco devices but the Nexus doesn't support that OID.  I'm curious if anyone out there has had ...

Hello,I have been unsuccessful on my own in creating a EEM TCL script to catch, log and reset dspfarms that are down on a nightly basis.This can be a EEM tcl script or applet that do the following:1. Run the following command: "show sccp all | Begin ...

lstonesi by Cisco Employee
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Hello Alli am writing the script below but when i start the session in securecrt  it always asks me to enter a hostname and password.In the script i am writing host and username why securecrt asks me again a hostname and username ? # $language = "VBS...

Hi we are considering deploying CLM and I have a few questions about what impact it may have on our network. The network is a secure and Internet ISOLATED network, and our customer prohibits any external 3rd parties (which in this case includes Cisco...

I am trying to configure a router as a terminal server and wanted to use a single IP address per terminal line, so that you could ssh to the ip address and connect direct to the console port.Does anyone have a working configuration of this setup?

cisco by Beginner
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Hi,I would like to know whether LMS 4.1 (local server mode) has the ability to relay syslog messages received from devices to an external syslog server?  If so, how do I configure such?From reading the document and going through the LMS 4.1 GUI, it a...

bcho by Cisco Employee
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