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RME keeps sending email to the senior network admin, who doesn't like LMS to begin with. I even deleted his account from LMS, and it is still sending him email notifications. Where would I look to find his email address so I can delete it? Specifical...

Resolved! SNMP in Cisco 837

Hi all,We are not able to get the config via snmp from a 837 box. It has the same config than 1721 and 2800 which works good... so... here is some information:*Apr 9 02:58:51: Incoming SNMP packet*Apr 9 02:58:51: v1 packet*Apr 9 02:58:51: communit...

enriquebs by Beginner
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I am evaluating CSM as a replacement for VMS, but I can't seem to add my IDSM2 and FWSM modules.I tried adding the modules directly, but then I read something that said I needed to add them through my SUP. Is this correct?When I try to add the IDSM2...

Im trying to run a Netconfig job and it keeps failing and giving me this error:Message: Command(s) failed on the deviceTFTP: Failed on the device. Failed to detect SSH version running on the device. All the devices I am trying are setup with login/pa...

A fresh Windows install of LMS2.6 at a customer has a problem archiving the configurations of our IOS devices. This does seem to workd fine for the few CatOS boxes we still have. The IOS boxes are registered as partially successful, with the followin...

ijdod by Beginner
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In the User Tracking Report the attached clients shows the port and switch that are connected. The Problem is, that sometime the IP address and sometime DNS name are in the report. All devices are in DNS. I can ping with DNS name - no problem. I want...

azeindler by Beginner
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