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Resolved! What is Difference

what is the difference and which is best for fast network?interface GigabitEthernet0/25switchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitchport mode trunk------------------------------------interface GigabitEthernet0/25switchport mode access-------------------...

Hey guys I need help on this assignment I can't seem to be able to ping from leg to leg here's the packet tracer I have worked on so farTopology:1) 2 2960;run 2 cables to each switch for redundancy (all switches are connected to each other forming a ...

We are using the Cisco Network Assistant to manage our Cisco Network (4500, 3560 switch).We are now buying The C1000 series but doesn't support this program.Is there any program like the CNA that is supported by the c1000 series and old series?

Hello all, I am wondering, at my current workplace we have 70 switches + 2 big core. We have over 50 vlans. one of the main annoying thing is the printers. Since printers need to have a static IP we created a vlan for printers. But everytime a user c...

Hello I am getting ready to configure my new pair of 9500-16x stack in stack-wise virtual. I want to use OOB on the management interfaces (Ge0/0) but documentation is not clear if the management VRF is totally different from the network VRF or if the...

Hi I accidentally put a question mark into enable password without preceding it by crtl v. Now we are lock out of the enable part of ios.Is there a way to recover the password? It must have changed to something different than '?' Thank you for any he...

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