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We had a 'stuck device' on LMS - showed as offline, no reference to device anywhere else - so rebooted the server. This was done after stopping daemon manager. When it booted back up, 3 of the processes are showing as administratively shut down: CT...

Hi, I am thinking of donating my old ASA 5505 but would like to wipe it's brain first, set it back to the original factory settings.  The recipient wants to use it to practice and learn how to configure Cisco gear but I don't want him learning all o...

linnkubler by Beginner
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Is it possible to configure Cisco prime to bounce the switch port if the specific switch port status is connected and CDP detected AP, but, AP is not associated to WLC.  We get alarms in Cisco prime everyday that AP got disassociated. prime will als...

NDP by Beginner
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