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I have a Cisco 2911 router with one switch port module.  It it utilizes 2 of its GigabitEthernet ports to access two different WANswe will call them WAN1(GE0/0)and WAN2(GE0/1) i have two vlans set up on the switch portswe will call them vlan 5 and 15...

I have a Cisco 881G and would like to make the following proposal. I have 2 ISPs and would like to activate Failover, I think that I have no problem here but I would like when the main ISP fails and failover is activated, I want to send a CGI to noti...

farguisito by Beginner
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Hello, I am Engg.pass out guy, and just joined a small organization. They have given me a Wi-Fi task.The OJT name is Enterprise Wi-Fi Network.Project-Enterprise Wi-Fi Network.Description-Bring up controller , AP and clients and perform basic testing ...

Hi Experts, I am trying to add 6509, ASA and 2960s devices to NCS, but I got " SNMP connectivity failed" although when I make verify credential before sync. I got positive message, and there reachability and can read cpu, ram interfaces of devices bu...