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Hi everyone!I have some TcL scripts that run fine from tclsh, but I'm not sure how to trigger them from EEM.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's an example...If I don't use the ::cisco::eem...., or namespace import, the rest of .tcl file run...

Sevaral SNMP OIDs mention the term " local network management subsystem". I need to know what it means exactly. For example ifLastChange. "The value of sysUpTime at the time the interface enteredits current operational state. If the current state was...

maquesada by Level 1
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I've got a one way satcom link that is having errors and I want to use IP SLA to monitor.  The satellite path is one way from A to B and I am trying to set up testing A to B but B cannot respond at least in the typical manner because there is no retu...

Hi there,Im currently having an issues getting the image deployment process to work when using plug and play autoinstall. i believe the issues is with the image location. I tried various locations but seems to only get errors and distribution failedt...

Dear  Team,        I have a customer running ASR9k, having some issues of MOD80 hardware just stops sending the traffic intermittently. So we would like to provide some TCL script to collect the commands if the issue appears again.commands i would li...

I am looking for a free tool which can backup switches, routers, FW's and other cisco devices. currently i am using kiwi cat tools free version which has a limitation of 20 devices?Thanks,Sridhar  

Hello,I want to make a Cisco Ipsec VPN server on my windows 2008 R2 standard OS,I want to know is this possible to make windows OS as server for Cisco IPsec clients? if so can you please provide me any guide if available for the same.Regards,Jebran.

imjebran1 by Level 1
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