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I am trying to create a TCL script to suppress PfR learning syslog messages:          %OER_BR-5-NOTICE: Prefix Learning STARTED          %OER_BR-5-NOTICE: Prefix Learning STOPPEDI only wish to suppress these messages.  All other syslog messages are n...

pmcconne by Beginner
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Dear Folks,I have a confusion in one of my deployments. My client ordered initially a UCS 220M3 server, which came along with a windows CD. It was supposed to be used as an LMS 4.1 server. Later on there were some variation and customer wants to have...

Hi All,I would like to know if anybody could suggest a book which will harden basic to intermediate knowledge in Computer and networking ( one book preferably).I have already 3 years in the field but feel like some few things are missing to go to the...

Hello,I am installing Cisco prime NCS x 2 servers. I downloaded the licenses which are ordered allong with the devices as follows.                Product Name                : L-PI12-LF-50-LIC    Product Description         : L-PI12-LF-50-LIC:Prime I...

jbnair by Beginner
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The Application menu pulldown for "Template" is subdued, and I can't use it.   I don't think it's a restricted user, since the only one I configured was denied the reload option only.  I have two routers discovered, and the tool seems to work nominal...

jimmyc_2 by Beginner
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I am building a few 3750 stacks, I want to be able to poll/monitor each individual switch in the stack but as it only has 1 ip associated with the stack how can I do this. I am polling the uplink interfaces but as I only have uplinks on the top and ...

W_E_S_T_Y by Beginner
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                  We've recently installed PI2.0 and it is working well, with a small exception - the top cpu utilization only shows the wireless controllers.  is there a setting to adjust that to all devices or has anyone worked in a fix ?thanks for...

SpongeRob by Beginner
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