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Hello,I just setup a firewall on a series 800 router and shortly after the following message was displayed;Jun 10 00:11:32.814: %FW-4-TCP_OoO_SEG: Dropping TCP Segment: seq:1890440221 1460 bytes is out-of-order; expected seq:1890416081. Reason: TCP r...

digbym650 by Beginner
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Hi guys, I am a bit stucked configuring mail server in DMZ, I can not make it working, seems I have a problem with NAT rules. So, my inside interface is (SecLevel 100)DMZ int (SecLevel 50)outside int xx.xx.xx.xx (SecLevel 0)My ...

Hi guys,Hope this is the right place to ask this! I'm totally at a loss - I have a web server in a DMZ (asa 5505, asa version 9.2(2)4). I can access the web site through the inside network, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to access fro...

We have a PIX 515 with 6.2(2). It's been a long time since rebooting.  Browsing websites with HTTPS from within the network behind the PIX is pretty slow and in some cases graphics display poorly and HTML tables don't paint correctly. That's not the ...

jha by Beginner
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Hello, i plan to replace 2 old ASA 5510 with ASA 5512-X in active/standby configuration.I think i need to purchase 2 x ASA5512-SEC-PL license to achieve active/standby configuration?Further there is the need for 100 Anyconnect Premium licenses (L-ASA...

Hi,I would like to limit scanning and syn flooding on ASA. I am thinking I can restrict any outside host to only be able to initiate maximum 500 tcp connections total to inside host at a given time it would help prevent syn flood and port scan attack...

S891 by Explorer
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I'm trying to set a NAT rule to allow traffic from ports 20000-21000 to a server on the Inside. When I apply the changes in ASDM I receive this warning:   [WARNING] nat (Inside,Outside) after-auto 1 source static [host object] interface service PAS...

Jason M by Beginner
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Hello,I was wondering if there was a way to have two syslog hosts configured on a cisco asa and have diff. severity of logs go to one host.. and another severity of logs to the other host.any info would be helpful.Thanks.

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