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Hello All,I have a Cisco ASA 5510 with a strange issue. When I power it ON, the following is the status of the front panel LED:Power is OFFStatus is AmberActive is AmberVPN is GreenFlash is OFFAlso nothing comes up on the console. I suspected a Power...

frank_jon by Level 1
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Hi All, we are having an issue with ASA sip inspection. here is our topology: CUCM-A --> ASA-A -- > ASA-B --> CUCM-B phone from site A calls site B, call is connected and media is being passed. when phone in site A puts the call on hold, the call is ...

I have an ASA5510 that is connected to outside for WAN, inside for LAN (, and a iSCSI switch plugged into Ethernet 0/3 ( I can ping the Eth0/3 interface ( but I can't ping across that interface from WAN or L...

Hi all,Need to confirm which config i should look for to make sure ASA  has console connection enabledi check on ASDM  under AAA  access serial option is not checked.What should i look in running config to make sure console is enabled?thanksmahesh

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi to everyoneFirst of all my apologies for my poor english, spanish is my first languageI have saw many posts regarding this but after read  most of them none can solve my problemI have the following topology, WCCP is configurated on ASA, inside int...

Hello Experts,                     We have recently installed new 5525 8.6(1) ASA's. Our setup is like; where wer are using Public IP for web server, which needs to be mapped/natted to internet VIP address and that VIP is configured on F5 LB. Setup i...

Dear all,We have a old Cisco ASA5540 firewall running on firmware version 7.0 and also a Firewall Service Module (FSWM) running on firmware version 2.3.My question is if I would like to upgrade the Cisco ASA5540 firmware version to 7.1 above and the ...

Wai wai by Level 1
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HelloWe currently use old ASA-5520 which we replace with brand new ASA-5585-X. The 5520 is currently running 8.2.x and the target on the 5585-x should be 8.4(5).6. We use quite a bit of NAT, mostly with dynamic rules (assign a pool of external addres...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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