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I keep getting this error on my IPS, I have rebooted the sensor couple of times but it stops again and signature updates are not happening during that time either looks like it.  I heard about Cisco big ID: CsCuc34812 but there isn't really any infor...

ALIAOF_ by Frequent Contributor
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I have my firewall running on 8.2.5(33). I downgraded it from 8.4 -> 8.2 yesterday itself.I have an IP on internal network and IP on outside interface in DMZ. I am expecting that a packet from inside to outside IP not be n...

Hello All,Need to re-design our network layout to accompany guest networks and some seperate vlans.  Currently we are 1 vlan connected directly from a 2950 to a 5505 asa.  I would like keep vlan 1 the same so I dont have to reconfigure all of our sta...

We have an issue with port forwarding in ASA 8.3, simply we want to access one local workstation on port 3389 from the Internet: Workstation private IP: IP which we set on ASA Vlan2: show ru...

problem on ASA5510 with 7.1 . when internet restores from isp side i have to reboot the firewall to make internet work for inside users everytime.I changed the xlate timeout to 00:10:00 from 3 hours , still i am getting teh same problem.

  Hello All,I a have situation, I  published a web service over Internet. its working fine for Internet user. Now I want the internal user access the same application using the Public IP. it does not work for internal users.Internal User +Web Server ...

Hi,I need to upgrade an FWSM module from version 4.0(10) to 4.1(10) and also upgrade the  ASDM from version 6.1(5) F to version 6.2 (2)F.This is the document that I have found :-

We've recently deployed CSM but I'm struggling to connect CSM from a client.I've installed the clinet on my laptop and all the icons now appear on my desktop but when I click on the Configuration Icon the HDD wirs for a few seconds then nothing happe...

jonhill by Beginner
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I don't believe CSM integrates into ACS 5.x I've followed the steps from the install guide and get a protocol error when attempting the integration.So, what I'm looking for are the shell profile definitions in order to return the appropriate authoriz...

Sloanstar by Contributor
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