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I have been trying to open up tcp/pptp, gre for a dialup vpn on an ASA firewall running on version 8. What I'm trying to do is open up those protocols to a specific inside host to do a dialup VPN. I did the same configuration on our PIX firewall conn...

bauti1428 by Beginner
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We just migrated a bunch of in-bound access rules from a Netscreen to a PIX 515 (v7.2). When several Linux servers ping devices on the internet they get back icmp (dup) messages. These hosts have the PIX set as their default gateway.Has anyone seen t...

mvhurley9 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA NAT question

Dear Sir,I have a question regarding NAT on Cisco ASA firewall version 7.2I want to add ASA 5520 to my existing network, the purpose of this device is to perform only NAT to server inside my networkPIX 515----- |ASA5520 ---- Cisco 6509 Swi...

anasmomo by Beginner
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Hi,I need to NAT an internal server and allow only certain ports open. After creating access-lists for these ports, should I still enable PAT (for the said ports) in the NAT configuration?Thanks!

I am unable to ping any PC's or printers behind the firewall, except for 1 server. I don not have any problems pinging this one server, I was thinking this could be a natting problem but not sure how to fix it. The PC's and printer I can ping from...

Hi, we have an a/s ASA pair. I noticed that when I upload AnyConnect images to the active unit and deploy them, the standby unit does not receive the changes. I have manually added the images to the secondary's flash filesystem.Do I need to physica...

Is there any problem putting an ASA/PIX in transparent mode on an 802.11Q trunk link? I have an internet router that will do NAT to three VLANS and I want to send that trunk through a transparent ASA-5510 for inspection and then onto the trunk port ...

Hello all, I'm trying to get v.2.11 of the Cisco PDM installed on a PIX 525. I'm currently running v. 7.2.4 of the Cisco IOS. However, when I try to use the command 'copy tftp flash:pdm' it says the specified file is too large for the flash memory....

eric06288 by Beginner
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I have several remote PIX 501s that have VPNs back to my location. I have remote telnet access via the VPN connection. I would like to change the configurations so the VPNs terminate to my ASA rather than my older 3030. Is there anyway to modify t...

dbuttry by Beginner
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Hi TomI have a problem with a PIX 515 is constantly rebooting. I suppose that it's happening when runs the PIX Garbage Collector processes. Do you now what is the reason that this processes make the PIX crash and reboot?PIX 515Cisco PIX Firewall Vers...

Consider the following Phase 2 parameters of a VPN .The issue is i need to give clear text access-list too along with the normal Crypto ACL and NONAT ACL .Iam not able to find out the reason for the same crypto map outside_map 140 match address outsi...

Hi, In my office one new IBM AS/400 server is installed.The server internal ip is nated with public ip and opened 6013 port.The server applications are fast through local LAN but it's dead slow when it is accessing through internet by the outside use...

somnath21 by Beginner
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