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Hi,SNMS prerequistes says that SNMS server requirements software systemem is Windows 2000 SP3 (US),but my costumer have Windows XP,so can I install SNMS 1.5 server running in Windows XP pro (US)?thanks for all answers.

Here is the scenerioI have a 4240 with 8 interfaces. I have 5 Internet accesses - one sensing interface per internet access.Is it possible to set up blocking for each specific firewall based on where the attack came from. I do not want to block the a...

Hello everyone.I hope you can point me to some documentation or solution to the problem I am facing with my PIX 515E configuration.My problem is how to do NAT from 2 outside host to 1 inside host.The situation is this:I have DNS A and MX entries for ...

Hi AllCan any one confirm that wether i can enable NTP in pix and have ntp association with ntp master in my network which is also a cisco box configured as ntp masterRegardsParthiban

ponparthi by Level 1
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Hi allI have configured my pix 525 for failover.But when i power off my primary (active) unit the ping response initiated to a internet host from one of my vlan gets dropped for a minitue and i start getting the response only after a minute from the ...

ponparthi by Level 1
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Hi All,Really need help with this.I have a switch that has a public ip address (, that I would like to manage from the private ip address ( would like to be able to telnet to which would be the NATed ip address of the ...

chansh by Level 1
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I have a PIX 515 running 6.3.4v with 4 extra (besides the main two) Ethernet ports.I am wondering if I am able to do layer 2 all the way to the PIX? We are a small satellite Telco getting bigger by the day, and running into a situation where we have ...

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