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I created a CSR on an ASA but when I received the certificate to install it I notiiced that the pending CSR was no longer visible in ASDM. I believe the CSR might actually still be saved on the ASA as I get a message when I try to recreate the CSR wi...

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Hello everyone,   I am installing a FTD (5516-X)with FMC for a PoC to my customer.  I have configured a dhcp server on my inside interface. My 5516-X is linked with a switch in this interface, configured in access mode, vlan 2. I disabled dhcp snoopi...

Hi, I Have a very odd/strange problem in relation to Access Control Security Policies on a FirePower 1010 managed using FDM. I'm configuring two Firepower 1010's with RA VPN and two very simple NAT rules to allow SMTP and FTP to two servers. I have a...

I have been trying to do something with REST-API on Cisco ASA for more then a year, but for some reason I am only able to get the response 500 INTERNAL-SERVER-ERROR.   This is on Multi-Context system as well as an Single Context.   Config is done as ...

I am stuck on an internet border router issue. Recently, installed a cisco 1920 router with IOS version 15.0 for new mobile in the field project. I have Cox as my ISP and Verizon (VPN) as service provided for my mobile devices in the field. I have a ...

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