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I have two ASA 5545 running 9.7(1)4. They are an active/standby pair. Failover on all interfaces is working except for one. I am getting repeated log entries every few seconds for this interface of:ASA-1-105008: (Primary) Testing Interface "Interface...

Hi,currently our FMC and modules are running on version.I can see that newest version is can we do an update to newest version, do we need to do it version by version or we could skip some?I guess that we can't go just directly to...

draganzec by Beginner
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Hi, I have a customer looking to use FPs as their VPN head-end devices but I cannot find any throughput figures (probably as the feature is relatively new).IPSec throughput information is readily available.The Performance Estimator only provides IPSe...

melgrove by Beginner
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Dear Experts, Good morning, we have requirement where users are granted remote access VPN via L2TP using microsoft native client. We want to enable 2FA for remote access VPN. As per the reading it seems that we need to go for thrid party 2FA solution...

Hello Experts, I have 2 x FTD2110 configured in HA and they managed by FMCv. Both FMC and FTD are running on code 6.2.2. I have configured a PBR with 'match list' and a 'set next-hop' command and was able push the flexconfig to FTD successfully and P...

Resolved! ASA NAT

Hi All, What is the purpose of doing NAT for the object group towards inside,inside. The below is the sample configuration. Please explain on this. nat (inside,inside) source static obj- obj- destination static Obj_202.89.3.8_3...

This is really a weird one.  I have a VPN tunnel, up/online between ASA5525-X and ASA5505.  The problem I'm experiencing is on the ASA5505 side. The protect network, these are not actual adresses, Very small 4 host that are statically...

Hello,   What are the ACL limits on the Firepower family running ASA code? I've found documentation regarding the ASA hardware family but nothing related to the new Firepower appliances. I suppose the limitations would be much higher because of the a...

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