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Hi dears,when entered the switch to universal P L R from F D M (Firepower Device Manager) , and copy the request code to smart license reservation, appears error as shown the attached image. how to enable !!

Hello,I am currently configuring two Cisco ASA 1120s for Active/Standby failover. So far it is failing. This is what I have done so far. The version that these ASAs are running is Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.16(4)42. They als...

We are having a Faulty SM-56 (in a Firepower 9300)slot/1/fault/F1546Description:Security Module 1 is in failed state. Error: Security module is downgraded (or) not acknowledged. Reason: DIMM or CPU degradedWe even know which DIMM is bad: Memory Array...

SmithIT by Level 1
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I'm working on setting up a pair of FTDs to replace existing ASAs.  FTDs and FMC are running 7.2.5. The ASAs have the following timers configured for OSPF:   router ospf 1 timers pacing flood 5 timers pacing retransmission 60 timers throttle spf 10 1...

JohnR2391 by Level 1
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Hey everyone! I have a weird situation going on with my failover and I just wanted to make sure the best practice for the HA Pair of a FTD. I have two outside interfaces with the same IP and I think when they have the same IP it broke the HA pair.  Q...

Hi,We used the migration tool to move from ASA5525s to FPR3110s and the tool appended "no-lookup" to most of the rules but not all. If anyone knows what this designation implies, as well as it's absence, I would greatly appreciate knowing. Thanks.  

lcaruso by Level 6
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Hi,I am trying to create a VLAN containing our Guest Wifi network - and only that.The device with mac 0000.1111.2222 is the access point.So far I have:vlan 56 name guest-wifiNext I want to configure an interface. At the moment, it is configured to Gi...

IT_Joe by Level 1
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