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Dear Experts, We are stucked with a problem with (Nexus 9K setup). Here is the setup for your reference. 1. We are having two Nexus 9K switches (Primary & Secondary). running with vPC ( on Port Channel-1).2. We have created a VLAN (say Vlan 100) on s...

Hello Folks,I tried creating L3 on Nexus 7K & got message "% Deleted all L3 config on interface Vlan136" there was no existing vlan 136.Is it standard behivour in Nexus ? X7K01(config)#7K01(config)# vlan 1367K01(config-vlan)# name Dev-1367K01(config-...

 Hi,I'm trying to setup the LDAP Server but not having much success. .I took some screen snapshot from our MDS 9513 Ficon Directors and MDS 9513 Fibre Channel Directors (below), the first entry below is our MDS 9513 Ficon Directors used by our Mainfr...

Does the Nexus 2300 forward all traffic to the parent switch as well like the Nexus 2200?There's a mention of :Additional versatile TCAM which can be used for:Advanced features such as ACL classifications and QOSHardware-capable local flow redirect f...

How can I extract the .tar image when running a job to distribute new software for upgrade?  The .tar image would need extracted once pushed out to the switch.  I don't see any instructions in the Administrator and Users guide for this.

Hi there, I wanted to know if Scrutinizer\Net Flow can be plugged into Cisco Prime Infrasstructure 2.2 using Application Visibility and Control section in Prime and if so what is the best way to do this. Many thanks, DM

We have ordered cisco prime infrastructure and cisco preformacne manger. for preformance manger:          we have one server UCSC-C220-M3S configured with               2 quad core ( 3.3 GHZ)  -  64G RAM  -  2.4 TB HD.For prime infrastructure we orde...

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