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Hi all networking pros, As you can see in the title, I was actually researching on the network topology of the internet backbone and also the internet service providers, but unfortunately I really couldn't find more information despite whole day of g...

It's difficult to express in words how much I hate Visio, its appalling usability seems only rivalled by its ubiquity. The job demands that I use it. I have a very basic need of a stencil for a generic Switch and a Router. Cisco seemed to have made t...

MattB_765 by Level 1
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DHCP Pool range ip dhcp pool datanetwork Now if you run steag#Sh IP DHCP pool Data Pool Data :Utilization mark (high/low) : 100 / 0Subnet size (first/next) : 0 / 0Total addresses : 126Leased address...

RANAJi by Level 1
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Hello for everybody.Is it possible to add secondary ip helper-address for interface vlan or subinterface (like ip address secondary).I tried with different ios vesrion with catalys 9300, isr 4k and 2g - but all unsuccesfull. OF-00-SW-03#sh run int vl...

kapydan88 by Level 4
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