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Hi,I am completely out of ideas and I rely on the community's help to make a Cisco 881 router finally work.I have the following configuration:Current configuration : 2964 bytes!! No configuration change since last restartversion 15.1no service padser...

I found quite a bit of helpful documentation on creating a CoPP policy for our ASR 1000 series BGP routers. But there are a few questions not answered.   First is how you tune the policing rules to fit different router size and bandwidth constraints....

Here is my requirement: a. Have serial connection (X.21, V11, E1 etc) over 4G LTE.  b. My assumption is I would need 2 x 819 routers or equivalent with 4G SIM cards at both ends with private IP addresses. I assume the mobile network would provide the...

GTechy by Level 1
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Hello everyone,   We have just migrated our 1G CWDM network to 10G DWDM with Cisco Nexus 3000 and 5000.I notice errors on a channel port made up of two ports that carries about 6Gbps of traffic constantly, I have about 8000 errors per second in outpu...

JGFR by Level 1
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I have just configured the IPSEC tunnel between my router and the Access point.I could see that the Tunnel has came up and Active in both sides. However,When I checked the "Show cyrpto ipsec sa" ,I Could see that decaps packet counters are getting in...


Hi folks,   I would like to discuss a scenario where I do need to perform port forwarding in order to get to a device from the Internet, being the challenge that the device has no access to the Internet.   Allow me to illustrate with the following ne...

zeytako by Level 1
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Hello team,   We are having Cisco ASR 920 routers with Cisco SG300 and SG350 Switches in our netwok Topology. We are planning for SNMP configuration in ASR routers.This is for monitoring and collecting all network informations.Monitoring Software we ...

Hello, I am using some SG200-08 Cisco switches on a local network with some custom hardware I am debugging. I have setup one of the switches to mirror rx/tx traffic so that I can sniff packets with wireshark on a PC that is not part of the network. H...

bartj by Level 1
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Just a quick post to confirm my understanding of MPLS. We have a couple of ADSL connections and our ISP have given us an IP address of 192.168.200.x for our ADSL routers. The MPLS routing is static for these routers. Now, we are obviously peering int...

louis0001 by Level 3
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Hi, We are running Cisco Prime infrastructure version 3.1.0 with 3.1.3 maintenance release installed(Are we then running Prime version 3.1.3?) When you look in Vsphere on the machine it says the following of the VmWare tools - Not running, version:1...