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Hello looking for a cheap cisco solution to upgrade from a 2651xm. currently we  are using 2911  to replace but, I think its a bit overkill for what we need and look for  good solution that's cost effective with sacrificing performance something unde...

PLC by Level 1
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Hello, I've been putting in a good number of Cisco 800 series routers for customers for several years with no issues. I've just had cause to spec a dual WAN router for a customer with two 30Mb/s lines and so went to look at the specs for a suitable C...

I have a Cisco rv042g small business router with static IP and a regular use for about 200 people. The router keeps freezing and the only thing that seems to help is a reset in GUI. Any helpful tips or tricks to do? The location of the system is to r...

I am using an older Cisco 892 at our client's. I must use ppp to set up communication - so my primary interface is Dialer0. The config is getting IP from IPCP (ip address negotiated) and is getting a static address, x.x.x.97/32. I have another IP rou...

schoo by Level 1
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  Hi Everyone, I currently have dual ISPs on a Cisco 1941 IOS v15.2 - 25Mbps Cable (ISP1 typical DS 21-23Mbps US 4-5Mbps) & ADSL (ISP2) with a linked email address connecting at 5Mbps (typical DS 1-2Mbps US <1Mbps).  If I connect to the Cable Modem v...

uptime by Level 1
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Hi, (sorry i'm french) I read this - show user --> display incoming connections to vty - show session --> display outgoing connection from your router to another router or switch But I wanted to test these commands (on a lab) [i cannot test these co...

Resolved! eBGP Limitation?

Playing with BGP and trying to configure a Remotely-Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) I noticed that eBGP wont accept routes that has a different "next-hop" value.     My configuration: ############# BLACK-HOLE-ROUTER #############!ip route 255...

Hello, everybody!   I've configured GLBP between two routers (CR01 and CR02), but I can't use it's virtual IP from other router (CSW01) - so, there is no load-sharing nor redundancy. At the moment 95% of company's routing works without GLBP through C...