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Hi all. What pps can I get with ASR1001-X with basic license througput 2.5Gbps for 64, 512, 1500 bytes frames only in routing mode (no FW, NAT, IPSec, VPLS, OTV etc)? With regards.

Hello guys,I have a question regarding clustering options available for CSR1000V routers. As per datasheet the only clustering/high availability options that are available are:High availability: HSRP, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Gatewa...

plamena by Level 1
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Hi Everyone I am running into a very weird issue for about a month now. One of our ISP has upgraded the ebgp peer from cisco to juniper on the ISP end.We have ASR 1004 bgp peer on our end with dual ISPs using route-maps.After the router replacement b...

hi , i have a scenario where I am trying to ping IP address from a dell server. on the remote host the ip address is defined like this:ip address on the dell server if I use host as source to ping, then it works fin...

mohammal1 by Level 1
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Hi all, I am struggling to control the router that does redistribution in case of two routers setup to do redistribution on a LAN. Very simple Topology, imagine a LAN, R1, R2, R3, R4 Backbone ...

Hi, We have a dedicated DHCP server from which we are trying to get ip addresses polled to the PC's dynamically for which on the router we have the below configuration. DHCP Lan pool scope defined in the dhcp server is, GW is set to 1...

Raja_D by Level 1
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Hi I have been watching some CBTNuggets on BGP and multiple times during the video they mention it is always the highest IP address in a BGP neighbor peering that starts the TCP session.I have tried this in the lab and cannot confirm it.INE gives a b...

class-map match-any FileServermatch access-group name FileServerclass-map match-any AnSvrsmatch access-group name AnSvrsclass-map match-any TN-Exchangematch access-group name TNExchclass-map match-any IN-Exchangematch access-group name INExchclass-ma...

Hello. I'm learning BGP right nowIs there any reference/paper/documentation for BGP convergence time classification? i mean how long the convergence time to be classified as "good convergence time", "bad", "very bad"and so on?And can we get the exact...

Hello, Would like to know if this topology may be good, and also have some support to some concenrs. our idea is to setup the following network topology. As you can see, both ASR's are redundant and can stand a failure on our providers AS174 (Provide...