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Hello, I have couple of questions regarding OSPF LSA flooding process.  I have four routers connected on a broadcast link (R1,R2,R3,R4). R1 and R2 are DR and BDR respectively and R3, R4 are nonDR/BDR routers. 1. If there is a change in a network conn...

zafar_118 by Level 1
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So here's my question; do sub-interfaces automatically route traffic without a routing protocol enabled?  This is just one little detail either I missed or forgotten. interface Serial0/0 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay clock rate 2000000!in...

Hi everyone, My main office is set up with a network. I just opened a secondary office which I'm trying to connect to our site to site vpn which is currently operating with 2 home offices with 192 class c networks. The new office I configu...

I have a Cisco 3725 as my core router and have my WAN assigned to Fa0/0 and LAN on FA0/1 as well as VLANs on FA0/1.1,1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.  I have a series of SLM2024s and Catalyst 3750s and all VLANs are behaving as they should.  I also have a block of...

Sometimes our MPLS connections stay up, but drop many packets. We have to manually switch over to the backup DMVPN because the EIGRP neighbor relationship never actually goes down, but performace is terrible. So we manually switch to the backup, call...

m.glosson by Level 1
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distance $AD $neighbor_address $wildcard_mask [$acl_number] I can't find this command in command reference but it seems like this has existed for a long time. What's the story behind it? I don't get the point of the wildcard mask here. as1r1(confi...

Hi all when thinking about network designs for a large international company, what do most people do these days? Would the best solution be mpls? How about backups? Internet backup or mpls ? what about sites local to my hq datacenter ? Les circuits o...

Hi all, I need to connect two Cisco C4500X, using a 1000BaseLH transceiver. Each core switch manage its own VLANs. I just need to connect the two core switches and use this link for routing purpose. I created a transport vlan on two devices, with sam...

XEmmeX by Level 1
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