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Resolved! Catalyst 3850 Stops Providing PoE

Today users reported that network services were down.  The end user equipment is connected as such: PC>Cisco Phone>Catalyst 3850 /w PoE.  The switch is a 24 port switch. When the issue occurred all the phones were dark/powered off.  Network hosts tha...

BGP Outbound Load Balancing

Hi everyone,I'm having BGP configured on a pair of 6880-X in VSS, and we are peering with 3 peers and 2 AS. For a while now, I noticed that while our inbound are somewhat LB between 2 peers (on on each AS, i'm not sure why the 2nd peer on the same AS...

HIeu Phan by Beginner
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I have an SR520 that is failing,  what would you suggest to replace this type of unit, (includes firewall)

gmatthews by Beginner
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Resolved! bgp inbound and outbound routing issue

Dear all,  I encountered an issue about the BGP inbound and outbound routing issue. I have 2 routers connect to a same AS. RT1 is primary router and RT2 is secondary router. When I check on the router's interface that connecting to the WAN, RT1's int...

Chin by Beginner
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Router- Rommon

HiI have router stuck in Rommon, i tried to upload new image, but show to me message"all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost"So, should i proceed, or is there any other method be more safe i can use.. Thank you

Toss Leey by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 1912: need help with setup to make "inside" static (public) IPs accessable externally

Hi, Have a new project working on with Comcast EDI Fiber setup (w/ siena sw)The information from Comcast is as follows:(WAN Block)Link Ip:   xx.yyy.186.248/30     GW:   xx.yyy.186.249Layer 3 IP xx.yyy.186.250 (router is set here)Subnet Mask 255.255.2...

gballas01 by Beginner
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Static route cannot go through VPN

Dear AllPlease see diagram in attachment. R2 and R7 can ping each other through VPN, which is setup between R3 to R6. Now I added ACL at R3 to permit go to, and added ACL at R6 to permit to go to But R...

wfqk by Contributor
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ASR1000V causing duplicate ping packets

I just successfully installed csr1000v-universalk9.03.13.01.S.154-3.S1-ext.iso in a KVM cloud environment. The virtual router has 2 interfaces, G1 is public internet, and G2 is private which connects to other servers.  The public facing interface wor...

sharan by Beginner
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