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Dear All,   Our network have two ibgp session running between Cisco and Juniper,and one of ibgp session have higher local preference than another session,and also incoming traffic via the first ibgp session,but everytime we tried to shutdown the bgp...

aweer1234 by Level 1
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we have connected 2 routers with serial link and configured OSPFv2 on them , the routers have established neighbourship On the way of establishing adjacency the routers when in the EXSTART stage select the master and slave routers. Now why is that on...

I am New to configuring DMVPN, currently assisting on configuring prioritization of networks over a vpn tunnel. How do I configure the router to prioritize a network over the tunnel? Basically I want to prioritize the following over the vpn tunnel 0...

Hello Guys, there is a GRE tunnel configured and 6500 is configured with PBR to route the subnet for GRE. total download and  upload speed is 100 mbps however with GRE getting 100 Mbps download but only 30 mbps upload speed. same traffic without gre ...

dnsroot13 by Level 1
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Hi, I spec'ing out a 1921 router and need some pointers on which licenses I need to order. I've looked here but it doesn't seem complete. I want to configure the router for VPN (GRE/IPsec), IP SLA and MLS QoS. It looks like I need the Security and Da...

Dan Brook by Level 1
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Hello everyone... Im trying to establish a connection to a remote peer through VPN...the tunnel interface is up 1st IKE exchange is good and the  tunnel is in QM_IDLE  ACTIVE state. However i am not able to ping anything from the tunnel interface no...

dogiiibih by Level 1
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Hi all, In this link:

I am having trouble with changing the configuration for the VRF on a Catalyst 4507R+E using SUP7-E.  No matter which Supervisor is used, if the default VRF is Mgmt-vrf it cannot be changed.  Therefore, I cannot successfully ping the gateway of my dev...

tiford by Level 1
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Hi, How to change the vPC role on Nexus 93128. Earlier "Nexus-9k-2" was secondary and "Nexus-9k-1" was primary, But now operational primary and operational secondary respectively after a network up-gradation window. As of now showing like below. ... by Level 1
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Hello,If router get the same prefix from 3 sources in two cases:case A- ebgp med 100- ospf- ibgp med 100case B- ospf- ibgp med 100- ebgp med 80AD is default, which path will be chosen in which order ? I put source protocol in order which i suppose is...

Hi, I setup a WAN Failover with IP SLA, this part is Working but I can't access Internet when the Internet switch from WAN-1 to WAN-2. I Use a CISCO Model C881G+7-A-K9 SN#FTX18428274. The prymary WAN is FE4 and the backup is the Integrated 3G Dialer-...

plussier1 by Level 1
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