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Hello ,Hello everyone the router that I am working with is a Cisco c881 (IOS 15.3(3)M5). The problem that i have with it is that when the WAN port, that is configured to get its setting via DHCP on the ISP side, isn't able to accept the settings it g...

I am scratching my head over this one, but hopefully someone will see something I am missing. version 15.3no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname myrouter!boot-st...

Two Tunnels One destination One router, is it possible?Given:1) No protocols running2) No VRF feature3) No Loopback Feature4) Two difference source, WAN 1 interface and WAN2 interface5) Destination for both IPSEC VPN tunnels are same.6) Pre-shared ke...

Hello guys.I have two Routers (2801, 2811) I changed the confreg-register from 0x2102  to 0x2132 by my mistake.But it is not working properly.When I connected to the routers with PC, in the PuTTY, its font was broken down. So, I searched it and then ...

We have just installed a Cisco as5300 into a data centre and they have given us a cat5 line from an ASDH NTE 4U/7A and the as5300 wont take the signal from it. The very same as5300 is tried and tested on our ISDN30 line in our offices and works fine,...

dkobale01 by Beginner
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Hi, Can anyone help me like how many vdc's can be configured on Cisco Nexus 7k series.Also let me know if the count varies based on model(like 2k,3k,5k..etc).

Hi,Based on the attached diagram, would you expect the PC ( to be able to get to g0/0.20 ( on the ASA? Devices on both LAN's have the L3 switch as their default gateway.Basically, cloud B is a secondary internet breakout ...

hi all,i confiured the cisco 1921 and my      pppoe is connecting and disconnecting.and i am using cisco ios 15.2here is the log            Feb  6 06:59:04.331: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthernet0/1, changed state to down...

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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Hi Team,I have a doubt , I want to use same ASN number at different sites with different- different ISP.(consider i have public ip range )consider I have a public server with ip at site A and and if i advertise same Public pool at ...

i want to completely deny IPv6 traffic with a 3750 switch.Is this possible ?The switch has VLANs configured with IPV4 ACLs.Can IPv4 ALCs co-exists with some IPv6 ALCs ?Is there a way to allow IPv4 but not IPv6 ? 

Hello fellow engineers!I have a puzzling situation implementing an Internet routing pilot project and I need someone with a fresh look at the matter because I cannot make-out what the problem is…Scenario description:2901 router with two (one used) DS...

costaspal by Beginner
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Dear Team my router gateway is my BGP neighbor without the BGP configured, im able to ping my gateway with no loss of ICMP .if BGP is configured, then if i ping to my gateway, i get packet loss.BGP drops when packet drop.eBGP peering establishes, the...

nany96901 by Beginner
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Hello, I'm trying to understand why a prefix-list is not working the way I thought it should. I have a LAN Subnet, that I want to be able to access the core network but I do not want the core to be able to access it. In other words, I w...

Rob in NC by Beginner
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