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Hi folks, Apologies if this question is in the wrong place, any redirection will be humbly noted... I wanted to ask about the behaviour of a single 5Mbps policy-map when applied on 4 sub-interfaces simultaneously. In this case I'm traffic shaping and...

SCDow by Beginner
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Can someone explain how you know whether to apply a route map inbound or outbound when attempting to set weight, local preference, AS path prepend for a given BGP neighbor?   I've seen a lot of situations where route-maps which contain local preferen...

36223 by Beginner
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when uploading a file to sftp, the server writes an error, but the address is available and the server receives files from other elements UMU-agg-r1-162_Umustakil#copy running-config s vrf MGMT% Destination unre...

Hello.  I am attaching R1 R2 and R3 run cfg and diagram. I am working on improving my ospf skills.  Goal = R1's PC 12.10 and R3's PC  13.10 need to be able to ping each other. WORKS = Subnet passes when R3's OSPF process id 13 and area is...

OSPF Learning Lab.PNG
Apprenant by Beginner
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I have an issue where one subnet can not access the internet but can access all other computers on the network. The affected subnet is connected to the ehwic on the router. The router is a 1921 with GI0/0 connected to the internet, GI0/1 connected to...

BillKing by Beginner
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  Sorry I put the wront policy in my question; here is my corrected version: Hi, we are multihomed with two diefferent ISPs (i.e. ISP1 with AS 1100, ISP2 with AS 2200); our own AS is i.e. 5000. We are running  IOS XR 6.6.3 using the following configu...

Hi, Is this a bug? We encoutered 123% Committed Memory on our Cisco 4431 router. show verCisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.03.04aCisco IOS Software [Amsterdam], ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 17.3.4a, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)Te...

Noah L by Beginner
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hello, I have to prepare the replacement of swich on one of our offices. The main office (A) and B are connected with a VPN operator in MPLS. I don't have control over ISP routers.Currently, on site B, there is only one subnet, no VLAN, and the PCs a...

Beaurr by Beginner
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Hi everybodyI know this is a little bit odd to ask these questions, But these questions are somehow important to me. Would you please help me in this regard:1- I am considering using RSP720 on Cisco 6500-E. I could not find any technical notes about ...

BGP ↔ OSPF redistribution is not possible.We are not advertising BGP globally, so we are trying to redistribute it in VRF.How do I redistribute?I have attached the config and routing information as attachments.   router ospf 100router-id

Snika by Enthusiast
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I have been handed an ASR 901 10G from a new building takeover. Left in an IT closet.Not sure if I want to play with it or not. What do they do?How much will it cost to license any services on it? Can I reset it?  (not clear how based on searches)..o...