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Hello Experts, My customer has installed a bunch of 3925E routers, so far we've replaced 3 of them presumably because of FN - 63723. I've been able to corroborate it from the last replacement, since I had access to the faulty fan tray in order to che...

We need our webserver to be available when the Primary ISP failover to Secondary ISP. Below is an example of our current setup.   We have interface tracking setup and when the ISP 1 goes down the secondary default route kicks in and we have internet ...

rmnr by Beginner
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Hi there I have two Cisco catalyst 2950's that I would like to use as a switch but it provides the ip address via Ethernet and the router providing the ip address to wireless clients. I have basic Console coding knowledge so a video would really help...

I have been asked by my CTO if the C3750X switches we are currently using as a core are recommended for WAN switching. I have done some homework and from what I have gathered the answer is no, but what would be a hardware recommendation. I don't have...

jpgleason by Beginner
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Sorry if this is a silly question but I've read so many ariticles and gone in so many circles I'm not totally confused! I have 3 VLAN's  (native, 40 & 50) covering across a bunch of switches being trunked back to a Cisco 2851. VLAN's 40 and 50 are co...

Need support to manage two service providers - primary and secondary links  to connect to DC with single IRINN - subnet /24.On BGP we need fall-back of link and outside rotuing control with service providers 

HiWe are a small internet provider company and we are running two (2) identical cisco 7513 for our bgp connections with different providers on each unit, apparently this problem, router crashes and reload,  occurred almost simultaneously which starte...

crbernabe by Beginner
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hi guys,i would like to clarify some of the Configuration Register codes please.   Router bootup process, as far I understand consists of 3 stages : 1. POST is performed first, next the bootstrap program is loaded from ROM in to RAM for CPU execution...

Good afternoon, all!I'm trying to complete a change in our infrastructure where we've added another subnet in a datacenter.  I need to get routing from hosts behind the router out to the Internet.  I can ping from any host to any other subnet host in...