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Hi,I want to redistribute Static to BGP in vrf in NX OS. Could anyone help me with the syntax?At the moment, I have added a network statement to advertise it; but would prefer redistribution.  Thanks,Krishna

Hi,Can anyone please help me with this problem:When I'm booting Catalyst6500 with sup32 It first goes to ROMMON mode:if I issue "boot" command then it starts booting but with IOS version that doesn't exist---------------------------------rommon 1 > s...

Resolved! Internet Router

Hi Techs, I have a general security question about Internet Router that is located outside firewall/DMZ (perimeter Network) connected to MPLS and I was wondering if it is secure to configure TACACS on it to have a centralized validation of users to l...

I am setting up a pair of ASR 1004s with OTV over dark fiber.  OTV is working fine, and I was going to add the ACLs for HSRP isolation.  Before I did I wanted to see if HSRP would work across the OTV link and then add the ACL to confirm it is blockin...

cbreger15 by Level 1
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Hello, Hoping someone can help me. I have a DM VPN connection setup that was working just fine. I added another spoke and was running this out of my office for 4-5 days working just fine. I went on site and discovered I was loosing packets somehow on...

dcanady55 by Level 1
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Hi we have two WAN lines from different ISP's that connect 2 locations. Routes are added on the main L3 switches. We configured the 1gbps link with a default route gw1 and the other link with gw2 5 (note administrative...

hmc2500 by Level 1
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Good day guys       I am really hoping someone can assist me here.       I have recently implemented a Cisco ASA 5515-x at our office in order to replace an old outdated router.       the internal lan in most cases seems to be working fine when conne...

Hi Guys, i have a bit of an odd setup, which as been working fine until now, now cant figure out why it doesn't connect. i have a bridge modem connected to FE1, then using vlan 100 to do the dialing, config and log below, any ideas why it now doesnt ...

Hello   I have 2 ISP in BGP config on 1 Cisco Router. I am taking a full Table from both ISP's  What i am looking to do it have a ASN go IN and OUT a different ISP than the default path. The current path is ISP 1 but i would like to have this go in a...