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I need advice on choosing a platform for the following situation, The router being selected are the ones to be at the HUB site, and they would handle the following scenarios...per router:Receiving at least 1000 routes from the main VPNGRE backup tunn...

Hi,I have an ASR1013 with an RP2 and i am unable to boot the ios from either the bootflash: or the usb0:.I am getting an issue:SHA-1 hash doesn't matchboot: error executing "boot bootflash:asr1000rp2-advipservices.03.13.00.S.154-3.S-ext.bin" I have t...

I am working on a FlexVPN implementation. I have two routers per site for redundancy. When a shortcut route is created, it uses a virtual-template to create a virtual-access interface and inserts a static route into the routing table. I need the othe...

fwiest by Level 1
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Hi expert, I have a question pertaining the MVR.I have successfully deploy multicast configuration for IPTV in an ISP, but i have one question regarding the config.I can stream multicast streams perfectly, but i don't want to stream multiple channel ...

Hello,I am coming across these phrases where MPLS is legacy, old school etc.etc.. My topic here is not an issue but more of a knowledge gathering where i would like to know more about the new WAN technologies in the market, what are the efficient way...

rush2amol by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to setup port forwarding for our DB server.Forwarding from outside to for port 1433 is required.We are using Cisco 881 for TPG EFM and current running config as below.Our public IP is x.x.x.x and DB server is

Can i use a subinterface (for example 10,0,0.10 for a L3 BGP connectivity. if Vlan 10 is configured on my router for another service and has SVI configured for it as well ?is there any relation between SVI and L3 Subinterface ? or the subinterface nu...

Hi,I am facing an issue with one of my client that we are unable the access the internet once the firewall has been added in the network. Please see the configuration from the below and guide me to the resolution.Switch Configuration.interface Vlan50...

I have two Cisco 7600 and 4 Cisco SCE8000.I try connect two 7600 through etherchannel with sce.I read MGSCP design guide and configured src-ip load-balance on one 7600 and dst-ip on another 7600.I tested by test etherchannel load-balance command, IPs...

dmfld2000 by Level 1
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