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 Hi Network Guru's,I have routing challenge here. The scenario is we have 2 sites to be connected to the Head office. The primary routing they had used (used for how many years) is static, then through the years their business requirements is increas...

Dears,Good day,Kindly I have cisco 2921 router and I have two ISP (Internet connection) my isuue is how I can configure the router to provide Active/Active Internet connections or do load balancing between the ISPs. Appreciate your support, Regards,

Hi,I created a FTP server under Windows Storage Server 2008 R2.I used IIS7 to make the FTP server.The FTP server is working fine now, but I setup the FTP server to use one of our static public IP address added that to NAT.My boss doesn't like me to u...

ernesto06 by Beginner
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 Hi Experts.I am running ASA 5525 ver 9.1(2). I have internet router connecting to ISP ahead of ASA. Bandwidhth of internet circuit is 45mbps. I have configured some L2L IPSec tunnel  on ASA. I want to limit bandwidht for IPSec tunnel traffic to 10mb...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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I run a stack of WS-2960X-48TD-L width 15.0(2)EX5. This stack was an exchange for an WS-C4506 with Sup V.Since the Stack ist running instead of the 4500, Ports leading to servers running Windows 2008/2012 go down unintentionally. This happens multipl...

Hi, we have a Cisco 2921 with two Internet connections: The primary connection is a DSL link on an EHWIC-VA-DSL-A, the backup a UMTS/LTE connection  on a EHWIC-4G-LTE-G. In case the DSL link fails, an automated failover to the second (UMTS/LTE) conne...

I am in need of Policy Based Routing for a new project.  At my core I have a couple of Nexus 5548s clustered together.  I go into configure terminal and run the command "feature pbr" and the return is invalid.  So I check the license with the command...

Hello,I have a router with an interface pointed outside. My goal is to put an ACL in place that blocks all SSH traffic except SSH coming from inside the network. Here is what I came up with. I would then apply this to the VTY lines coming IN. Would t...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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