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Hi there,Anyone can please explain following things in details in cisco object tracking concept-thresholdthreshold metricweightdelay up and downPercentage Thanks in advance

Building configuration...Current configuration : 2974 bytes!version 15.1service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname Router!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!enable secret 5 $1$/hAl...

Noob_PNA by Beginner
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Hello, I am upgrading workstations to RHEL 8,  and I have 2/3 2960-s switches, and also a router (that I keep as a spare), that 'complain when I use ssh to connect to them.$ ssh admin@south.localdomainUnable to negotiate with port 22: no ...

roncro by Participant
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Recently, we create WLAN, but we dont have any security now.But, we only allow user to surf web only... We try to deny all virus, worm, dos that attack router using tcp or udp port.I found a lot of port number at norton website.. Is anyone know the ...

jolo07310 by Contributor
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Resolved! Nexus 9K iBGP

I have 2 Nx9Ks each with a VRF to an Internet provider. I want the 2 Nexus VRFs to advertise/reflect the routes they learn from their connected ISP to the other VRF over iBGP. I have followed the NX-OS configuration guide and cannot get this to work....

Hello,I would like to be able to access port 22 of Router1 from WAN IP A.B.C.D which is on Dialer0 of Router0 ( LAN 192.168.1.X I access port of Router1.From the WAN it does not work using ip nat inside source stati...

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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