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CISCO881W-GN-E-K9 vs. C881W-GN-E-K9Does anybody know what's the difference between these routers?For example, the CISCO881G-K9 has a 3.5G ExpressCard Modem and the C881G has an embedded one with GPS and 3.7G in most versions. The C881G is, for all I ...

What i want to achieve:1. User 1,2,and 3 will be accessing the server resource from different locations2.  User 1, will use link A as its Primary link, B as secondary, C as  tertiary such that in the event of A failing it will automatically  switch o...

okoroji80 by Beginner
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We have a fixed IP address 3G data SIM which we intend to use as backup for our ADSL connectivity using a CISCO887VAG+7-K9 router.  (We have previously implemented similar using the older CISCO887G-K9 router without any issues)The problem is, we don'...

mitchen by Explorer
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Hi , Please let me know if EEM ( Embedded Event Manager ) script support on ASR1002 platform , if yes which OS release will support this feature . Want to use EEM to tshoot intermittent high cpu on ASR1002 .any suporting document to implement eem and...

I'm looking to set up port forwarding to forward incoming traffic to different internal machines depending on its source IP address. Unfortunately the ports that will be used are not static and therefore it cannot be port based. Is this possible? The...

francisarm by Beginner
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I am simulating a Campus Area Network (with minumum of 30 routers) using packet tracer version 6 and I want to capture the packets on wireshark. HOW CAN I GET IT DONE. If now how can I analyze using tracer itself. THANKS

Hi,I found the following output from my interface showing high MTU values & RX/TX values causing high latency :Tunnel1190 is up, line protocol is up  Hardware is Tunnel  Description: "ABC"  Internet address is  MTU 17886 bytes, BW 100 Kbit...

  I installed a new IOS load on my 2951 and but it failed to boot with the following error.IOS Image Load Test___________________Unsigned Image Found, bailing outSignature DID NOT VERIFYboot: cannot load "flash0:"  Is there something wrong with c2951...

                   Hi 1) wrt ospf default information originate command can we configure the 'default information originate' command in only one router in a ospf area/process where in we have defined default route or in multiple routers.2) default in...

Hi,I have router and one of its interface configured with live IP.I want to stop the PING from internet side ie.that no body can ping my live IP.Where as my internal users can ping websites like etc.Please help me out how i do this.