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Resolved! 1841 NAT issue?

Hi. I have an 1841 set up as a PPPoE dialer doing NAT and ZBF. I am experiencing some issues. My one PC works perfectly. All websites available. When I use my Mobile via the WiFi, only certain sites work. My other PC Can access some websites too. Goo...

All,I wanted to get some other thoughts on this. I have a location that has 2 routers peering with ISP using ebgp. The convergence time is okay. I lose about 5 packets before the other router picks up. The concern that I have is that we're moving to ...

HiI have a 887VA in a live environment that needs QOS for VoIP - choppy calls....I'm a novice with QOS, so have been playing with my 861.This is what I'm trying...ip access-list extended VOIPpermit tcp any any range 6000 6049permit tcp any any eq 506...

grunger106 by Beginner
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I have five 1811 routers that will not upgrade to the latest IOS version c181x-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T8.binThey all have this weird IOS version "PCBU_WIRELESS_BASE_POINT" installed but none are wireless Wifi or 3/4g (if this is what they are refe...

Gerard Roy by Explorer
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multilink bundle-name authenticated.... This command as mentioned in the cisco page is not shown in the running configuration.But i find in the running config of my router. Can anyone explain the difference which the authenticated and endpoint keywor...

Hi please guide me .how i can make my internal lap ip address (ex.10.1.x.x) acessiable to spoke location ip address range 10.240.x.x in hub spoke network topology . since 10.1.x.x is hub location lan address. currently i'm able to ping from spoke rou...

Hi,    I have a router CISCO 3945 with IP Base licence. I would like run BGP in this Router, please could you suggest suitable licence to Support BGP in CISCO 3945 Router.  Thanks & RegardsVenkat

 Hello everyone,I have a lab router on which I am working on ( 876 ) and I have succefully configured wan failover for the 2 wan interfaces. Now the failover part works great and traffic is routed correctly. Also the port forward works but only for t...

bkran by Beginner
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Dear Sir,I have leased line connection with 6 usable public ip addresses and  my connection through BSNL FTTH and modem is AONT-100C. I have connected to router (Cisco 861 ) fe4 (wan Interface). The router has 4 FE ports under Vlan1. I would like to ...

datamine1 by Beginner
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Resolved! VPLS on ASR1001

Can someone confirm that VPLS is supported on the Cisco ASR1001?With the feature navigator it looks like the ASR1001 is the only ASR1000  series router with VPLS support but I can't find any documentation confirming  this.

jgraafmans by Beginner
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How to configure VPLS on ASR 1004 device.Which version ASR support this functionality.Please provide configuration doc (VPLS ASR)

pramod by Beginner
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Hi,we want to change our old routers with the new Cisco 2911.We use ATM, on the cisco 2911 datasheet ATM encapsulation is supported but I can't find a document where is explained the possible ATM configurations.Anyone can help me to get this informat...

acleri by Beginner
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Hi all Im looking into creating a standard 4 band qos model for all my wan routers they would bePlatinum - voicegold - videosilver - sap / lotus notesbronze - best effort There is a 10meg interface on the router.2 meg priority for voice3 meg at least...