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This BGP synchronization!

Greetings!Here is an except from the Cisco Press I am using to study:"The BGP synchronization rule, which states that a BGP router should not use, or advertise to an external neighbor, a route learned by IBGP, unless that route is local or is learned...

Cisco 3845 OIR Hot swap

Hi All,Just wondering if the 3845 supports OIR ( hot swap). I am looking at a link which says The   Cisco 3845 and 3845-NOVPN router suppor...

ME3600 Service Instance problems

Hi guys,My first post, please go easy on me We are running an 100Mb Ethernet circuit from Site A to a core network hub Site BWe have no VLAN at site AWe have VLAN 506 at site BWe are trying to use Service Instances to POP VLAN from the A end, but can...

VRFs using VLAN interfaces

equipment: Nexus 7000 (NX-OS 6.1(2) )I have configured several SVIs and placed them in separate VRFs.  ISIS is configured as well as BGP and they are both up and running fine.  The problem is I am having trouble routing the VRFs to the other Nexus.  ...

CiscoNutt by Beginner
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Limitations On Natting

I have a static public ip address that i have natted from a private ip address.When i try to directly connect to that public ip address from inside my network it will not allow me to(Im using ssh). But when i connect via the hostname it will connect ...

IP SLA Route Failover

Hi AllWe have a router that is connected to 2 firewalls, these 2 firewall have access to the internet via 2 different service providers, from time to time one of these links go down, which triggers a manaul proccess of routing specific destination ov...